Is It Time for Your Fuel System Service in Lynnwood?

Is It Time for Your Fuel System Service in Lynnwood?

Maintaining a vehicle is something everyone should do. Getting the oil changed, the tires rotated, and checking the antifreeze are things most people do or have done regularly. There are other areas of your car that need maintenance as well. When you keep your fuel system cleaned and serviced, you improve the engine performance. It also improves gas mileage. For professional fuel system service in Lynnwood, visit Carson Auto Repair.

Maintain for Efficiency

The various parts of a fuel system can become clogged over time. The fuel pump, along with the filter and injectors, needs to be serviced no less than once a year. It may need to be done more than that, depending on your vehicle and mileage. You should always check your manual for recommended service times. The best way to keep your car running at top efficiency is regular maintenance on all parts, including the fuel system.

What Does a Typical Fuel System Service include?

While specific details may vary, certain aspects of fuel system servicing are going to be similar. The main focus is on cleaning and any necessary repairs to the fuel pump, fuel filter, and the injectors. The service can also include removing water from the fuel system and adding a cleaner to the fuel tank. The mechanic should grease the various components, such as cylinders and rings. The fuel injector, combustion chambers, and intake valves should also get cleaned. Any dirt or build up impacting any of the involved components should be removed. This is not everything that gets done but gives you an idea of the process’s details.

If your vehicle is due for fuel system service in Lynnwood, contact Carson Auto Repair at (425) 905-2560. Make an appointment and make sure your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition