Is a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood Really Necessary?

Most people who buy a new car get a 30k mile service to ensure that all components on the vehicle continue to run smoothly. Fewer individuals seek a 60k mile service, thinking that it is not really necessary. Fewer still make an appointment for a 90k mile service in Lynnwood or within the nearby vicinity, believing that the auto is probably on its “last legs” anyway so why spend the money on maintenance services.

Is a 90k Mile Service in Lynnwood Really Necessary?

Increased automotive knowledge and technology have allowed vehicles to last much longer than in years past. In fact, it is fairly standard for an automobile to reach or exceed 100k or even 200k miles or more. Following the recommended service schedules by manufacturers will potentially save you a great deal of money on Ford, Chevrolet repair or that of another make.

At about 90k miles, there is typical and expected wear on certain vehicle parts. Breakdowns can be averted by this important maintenance service that includes such vehicle systems as the brakes, belts, cooling, fuel, drive train, exhaust, tires, steering and suspension. Fluid and filter replacements are crucial to reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future.

To learn more about what is involved in a 90k mile service in Lynnwood, call the service department at Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460. We will be pleased to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for routine maintenance at your convenience. Allow us to help your vehicle last for many more miles to come at a price that will not break your budget.