Indicators that You Need Car Service in Lynnwood

Indicators that You Need Car Service in LynnwoodHave you ever had that “sinking feeling” when you see the “check engine” light glowing on your car’s dashboard? Even if you take good care of your auto, sometimes things can happen quickly that must be evaluated by a professional mechanic. If you spot that bright light, it is time for car service in Lynnwood to make certain that what may be a small issue does not become a major inconvenience and expense.

Many different problems can be indicated by the check engine light. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • A vacuum hose that is cracked and/or leaking must be quickly replaced before other issues develop.
  • Elevated temperatures under the hood can cause a malfunctioning ignition coil.
  • Fuel economy is reduced by a faulty air flow sensor.
  • A dead battery takes you nowhere. Batteries usually last for about three years.
  • If your gas cap is loose, fuel can evaporate and require a trip to the gas station more often.
  • A weakened oxygen sensor is a sign of burning oil or an internal leak.
  • An engine misfire or reduced gas mileage may be due to bad spark plugs and/or wires.
  • Rough idling, engine hesitation and misfire are indicators of a damaged EGR or exhaust gas recirculation.
  • A weakened catalytic converter is a dire situation.

While many of us can perform minor repairs on our vehicles, take careful note of your check engine light. This is most often a sign of a more serious problem. Call the experienced certified mechanics at Carson Auto Repair at (425) 905-2460 for BMW service or another car service in Lynnwood. We can help you safely get back on the road in no time.