Improve Your Car’s Performance with a Custom Exhaust System

Everett Custom Exhaust experts at carson auto repair have many years experience with performance exhaust systems.  The exhaust system of a car carries the products of combustion from your car’s engine safely away from the engine and passenger compartment. The exhaust system components are:

  • Cylinder Head & Exhaust Manifold
  • Tubo-charger (optional)
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Muffler

The exhaust pipe is designed to remove toxic and/or noxious gases from the engine. While most car exhaust system designs, as manufactured, reduce the efficiency and potential power of the engine, many car enthusiasts opt for after-market exhaust systems.


The design of a stock manifold usually incorporates measures to minimize cost, use the least metal and occupy the least amount of space. Generally, the standard manifold collects exhaust gases from the car’s cylinders into one pipe. These design restrictions often result in a manifold that does not efficiently vent gases from the engine and decreases the potential performance of the engine.

Because most cars have multiple cylinders, and each cylinder fires at different times, the gases fed into the manifold often are not eliminated completely before the next wave of gas enters the pipe. The back pressure created by the gases remaining in the pipe can restrict an engine’s exhaust that effects the car’s performance.


A specialty manifold, designed for performance, a header optimizes exhaust flow. Each cylinder has a separate exit pipe, usually  made of steel and constructed with bends or folds to make the path from each cylinder to the common outlet equal lengths. Each pipe is joined at at tight angles to encourage waves to flow to the outlet, restricting back flow to the other cylinders. The pipe lengths on a header are calculated (“tuned”) to achieve optimum exhaust gas flow at specific Revolution Per Minute (RPM) range for the engine for which the header is designed. Lynnwood Custom Exhaust can provide an aftermarket header tuned for your car’s engine.


Custom exhaust systems are described by the first part of the system to the tail pipe:

  • Header Back: from outlet of the header to final vent (from the header back)
  • Turbo Back: from the outlet of the turbo charge to final vent (from turbo back)
  • Cat Back: from the outlet of the catalytic converter to final vent (from cat back)
Header back exhaust systems are aftermarket performance systems for cars without turbo chargers. Usually the turbo back systems include an aftermarket catalytic converter with less flow restriction. Generally, the cat back system uses a larger diameter pipe than stock exhaust systems.
A high-quality aftermarket exhaust system reduces the back pressure of exit gases with mandrel-bent turns. Most mufflers on aftermarket systems are glass-packed to reduce back pressure. It is not unusual for an aftermarket exhaust system to enhance the throaty, lower range sounds in low-displacement engines with high RPMs.


As the only part of the exhaust system visible, to enhance a car’s appearance, the tailpipe is often chromed. Aftermarket tailpipes are often of larger diameter than the rest of the exhaust system to reduce back pressure as the gases vent to air.

Lake Pipes

Performance enthusiasts often will add a lake pipe to enhance the performance of their car’s engine. The lake pipe runs just under the car doors, beside or along the bottom of the car’s body. Not allowed on cars operating on the road today, because there is no catalytic convertor in this system, lake pipes are often chromed.

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