Help the Environment with Regular Emission Service in Lynnwood

Colored Smoke Indicates the Need for Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

There are so many stories today about the health – or lack thereof – of our environment. Many factors contribute to the decline of breathable air. There are some things you can do to help in controlling harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere. One is annual emission service in Lynnwood to make sure that your vehicle meets state and federal guidelines regarding noxious fumes. There are some other simple steps you can take to reduce your effect on our environment. They include:

  • Driving less often. You can bike, walk or take public transit, carpool or ride-share, work from home if you can or plan your trips to make the most effective use of driving time.
  • Be a smart driver. Keep your vehicle well-maintained by scheduling regular tune-ups, oil changes and Buick, Toyota or Acura repair when needed. Ease up on braking and accelerating.
  • Driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. When getting a new car, look at models that emit low greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide offers many suggestions that include clean-burning gasoline autos, electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric autos.
  • Limit idling time, as it wastes fuel, causes pollution and leads to premature engine wear.

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