Have You Had Your Oil Changed Recently in Lynnwood?

Have You Had Your Oil Changed Recently in Lynnwood?

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is essential to keep it running the way it should. One of the things that should get done often is oil changes. If you don’t pay attention to the oil, or your other car parts, you could end up with reduced fuel economy, poor car performance, and even a damaged engine. You should schedule your oil change service in Lynnwood after every 5,000 miles. This ensures the engine is adequately lubricated and runs well.

Today’s Efficient Cars

It used to be recommended that the oil would be changed in the car every 3000 miles. But with today’s newer cars and trucks, which are more efficient, it is not necessary. Fewer oil changes are also better for the environment.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Oil Change

Whether you use conventional or synthetic oil will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your oil change:

  • Take it to a professional garage for service
  • Look for coupons and discounts
  • Check your manufacturer’s guidelines and know the oil your car needs
  • Make sure the mechanic does the job right

Today’s cars and trucks last longer than in times past, but it also depends on the type of care they receive. Ensuring you change the oil, rotate the tires, and have the brakes checked means you would get as much life out of your vehicle as possible.  Carson Auto Repair is a full-service vehicle repair shop, and our qualified mechanics can handle all your auto needs. Contact us today at (425) 905-2460 to schedule your oil change service in Lynnwood and keep your car running smoothly.