Get Your Fuel System Serviced in Lynnwood Today

Get Your Fuel System Serviced in Lynnwood Today

If you want to make sure that your car, and the engine, are operating at peak performance, you need to have it regularly cleaned and serviced. This can improve the car’s fuel economy and engine performance. Over time the fuel pump, injectors, and filters can become clogged. If not taken care of, it can impact or damage other engine components. Fuel system service in Lynnwood is just one of the services we offer at Carson Auto Repair. We recommend that your fuel system gets serviced at least every year, or as your manufacture suggests.

Fuel System Service

When you bring your car and have the fuel system serviced, we pay precise attention to the fuel pump, injectors, and filter. These are all critical components of the entire system. Other things we do includes:

  • Adding a fuel system clear to the fuel tank
  • Removing any water from the fuel system
  • Greasing the cylinders, valves, rings
  • Greasing the throttle body and throttle moving parts and injectors
  • Cleaning the throttle plate and body
  • Softening carbon deposits with a residual engine cleaner
  • Decreasing the buildup in the catalytic converter
  • Remove deposits from the intake manifold, runners, valves, and combustion chambers

And Carson Auto Repair, we can handle all your car service needs. We provide fuel system service in Lynnwood, along with other services such as oil changes, tire rotation, and any repairs your car might need. For more information about what is involved with fuel system service, contact us at (425) 905-2560, and we can schedule your appointments. This is an important vehicle maintenance task that needs to be done regularly. We have a solid reputation in the community for providing dependable vehicle work. Let us take care of your car today!