Get Your 30,0000 Mile Service At carson auto repair

At carson auto repair we recommend that you have your vehicle serviced at major driving milestones in order to maintain peak engine performance. Buying a car with low mileage means the way you take care of it from the beginning can greatly impact the years remaining. Getting an Everett 30,000 Service Maintenance Schedule in place  is important for the longevity of your vehicle.

Our major milestone service includes an inspection and evaluation of all of the systems and equipment of your vehicle, maintenance of components particular to your model, as well providing you with a record of the work completed.

The regular maintenance services we offer will optimize your fuel efficiency and performance, ensure that your vehicle is safe, extend the life of your vehicle equipment, reduce the chances of having an unforeseen breakdown and expensive repair work, protects the warranty on your vehicle, and maximizes your vehicles’ resale value whenever you decide to sell it. Many maintenance warranty service appointments only take a short time and any work that is required can usually be completed in the same day.If you don’t take the time to have your vehicle serviced regularly, you could end up paying the price for unexpected major repairs.

Automotive advancements have produced vehicles that are built to last longer but that does not mean they’re maintenance free. In order to keep your vehicle operating at peak levels of performance, it’s important to follow the manufacturer recommended schedule of maintenance. This schedule is detailed in the owner’s manual.

The services you can expect to have completed at your major service appointment include any minor work as well as filter, spark plug, timing belt and fluid inspection and replacement along with and inspection and an evaluation of the ignition fuel, and emissions systems.

At Carson Cars we recommend that you follow the Everett 30,000 Service Maintenance schedule outlined by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Based on the inspection and evaluation, we may have to perform additional work. We’re proud to offer services and parts that meet the stringent requirements of all manufacturers.

There’s no need to be surprised by problems with your vehicle when you have it serviced regularly. At carson auto repair we want you safely on the road. Call, email or come in to see us and schedule your 30 thousand mile service appointment. You, and your wallet, will be glad you did. Contact us at 425-905-2460 or by clicking Here. We understand money can be tight make sure to take a look at our current online promotions for some extra savings.