Get Better Gas Mileage with Auto Exhaust Service

exhaust service in EverettThere’s never been a better time to schedule exhaust service for your vehicle. Gas prices are steadily rising and your car should be in top shape to ensure better gas mileage.  Carson Cars Auto Service is ready to provide your exhaust service in Everett quickly and affordably.

When your exhaust system is not functioning at peak performance, harmful gases may be emitted into the air. Problems such as corrosion, rust and cracks all lead to hissing or popping noises and leaks that lead to no good. Regular maintenance for your exhaust system is important to catch these types of issues early, before major concerns develop.

 A vehicle’s exhaust system controls the gases that escape during engine operation and consists of several crucial parts:

• The Air Pump pushes compressed air into the exhaust manifold, burns the unburned fuel and converts harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide.

• The Exhaust Manifold is a pipe that sends exhaust gases from the combustion chamber through the exhaust pipe.

• The Catalytic Converter changes gases to carbon dioxide and water and aids against pollutants getting into the atmosphere.

• The most recognizable part of the exhaust system is the Muffler. This metal pipe reduces the considerable noise of the exhaust system. There are two types – one uses a baffle to repress sound and the other is a pipe wrapped in metal or fiberglass for sound reduction.

• The Tailpipe is the pipe that sticks out behind your car or truck.

• Newer model cars or trucks are equipped with a Oxygen Sensor.

To ensure that all of these key parts of your exhaust system are working at their best, call the expert technicians at carson auto repair at 425-905-2460 to schedule an appointment for your exhaust service in Everett.