The Importance of Fuel System Service

fuel system service in Mukilteo

You can improve fuel economy and engine performance by ensuring that your vehicle’s fuel system is regularly cleaned and serviced. The fuel pump, filter and injectors can clog with extensive use and damage other engine components if not addressed periodically. Fuel system service in Mukilteo is recommended at least annually, or as suggested by the manufacturer.

A typical fuel system service, whether part of your Chrysler service or that of other make, includes precise attention to the fuel pump, injectors and fuel filter as critical components of the fuel system, but also encompasses:

  • Removal of water from the fuel system.
  • Adding a first-class fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank.
  • Grease the cylinders, rings, valves, throttle body and throttle moving parts and injectors.
  • Cleaning of the fuel injector or carburetor, combustion chambers and intake valves.
  • Eliminate dirt, carbon, varnish and other deposits from the throttle plate and body.
  • Allow residual engine cleaner to remain in the engine to soften carbon deposits as time passes and decrease build-up in the catalytic converter.
  • Disperse the deposits from the intake manifold, valves, runners and combustion chambers with a specialized intake deposit cleaner.

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