Exhaust Service in Mill Creek

exhaust service in Mill CreekThe catalytic converter is an important aspect of your vehicle’s exhaust system, and if it malfunctions, a quick trip for exhaust service in Mill Creek is required to ensure safe and efficient operation before resuming the road.

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As part of your exhaust system, your car’s catalytic converter is a container that filters engine exhaust and removes dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds and hydrocarbons. In compliance with our country’s environmental laws, the catalytic converter aids in limiting the number of carbon emissions into our air.

There are three main problems that can occur with your catalytic converter. Overheating is typically due to a faulty oxygen sensor, which tells you that the mix of fuel and air is too rich. A “check engine” light on your dashboard can be an indicator of this issue.

If the elements inside the catalytic converter are unable to effectively trap carbon emissions, there may be matrix contamination, which can be evidenced by burning oil. A clogged catalytic converter is another circumstance when the fuel mix is not quite right. As replacing the catalytic converter can be an expensive option, repair is preferred when possible.

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