Everett Transmission Service

While getting your oil changed commonly auto repair shops offer a complete maintenance inspection. During the inspection the technician will check the condition of your transmission fluid. After checking the fluid and the technician notices its dirty or smells abnormal, they will recommend you get a Everett transmission service.

After you give the auto repair shop the go ahead they will start to remove your transmission pan. Keep in mind that The transmission gasket and filter will need to be ordered through their closest auto parts store if they don’t have what you need  in stock. The parts can be delivered in about 15 minutes. During this time the mechanic will begin to remove the pan bolts and the transmission filter.

Assuming the process is a smooth one, now is when the begin to clean up your automatic transmission surfaces. Next they will begin scraping the pan and and cleaning it up in order to remove all of the gasket material stuck to the transmission. Your parts more than likely have been delivered by this next step. It is extremely uncommon for a technician to use hand tools they will use air ratchets and air tools to insure a quick process.  The more common automatic transmissions have around ten or fifteen bolts that need tightening in a specific order and properly secured. Air tools can turn several minutes into just seconds, this is also another reason why hand tools are not recommended. In some cases technicians might use an air powered wheel buffer in place of a gasket scraper. If the old transmission gasket is impossible to remove they many need to use a  chemical spray to help them break down the old material. If any piece of the gasket remains then the bad news is YOU WILL have leaks as soon as the car is started.

The process as a whole doesn’t take that long, bring a good book and catch up on some reading.  I strongly suggest that you make sure they replace your transmission filter. Some Auto Repair Everett shops might not have your exact filter required for your vehicle and will use your old filter rather than purchasing of that fits your car. To better safe than sorry always ask to see your old parts to make sure they are not still in your vehicle.