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If you don’t take proper care of your clutch, it can cause damage to your transmission.  When your clutch is working properly, it is a smooth fluid motion.  Allowing you to have full control over the gears without damaging the transmission.

With a vehicle clutch, the driver is in full control over the gears, there is no intervention by your vehicles computer system and no isolation from the drive-train of your vehicle.  You shift to the gear you want, when you want it, which gives you full control over the performance of your vehicle.  And for many, a stick shift puts the fun back into driving.

In the Seattle traffic, there is a lot wear and tear on the clutch from the constant stop and go driving.  Constantly riding the clutch and shifting gears can be a really pain when there is bumper to bumper traffic, especially if the clutch is sticking or acting up in any way.  Clutch problems can occur at any stage and mileage of your vehicle, and for many different reasons.  When you release your clutch, the clutch disc will rub against the flywhell and pressure plate, where it will then generate friction and heat.  This process actually helps absorb the shock load which without the process would cause a jolt in the drivetrain each time you put you shift gears.

If your clutch is sticking or having any other issues, it’s best to get it serviced or repaired before you damage the transmission, which could require expensive Everett Transmission Repair.  We have certified mechanics, which can take care of your clutch maintenance quickly and at an affordable price!  For Everett Clutch Repair, give carson auto repair a call.