Everett Buick Repair Listens to YOU

How many times have you taken your car for repair or service and the mechanic seems not to hear a word you say? Or – that annoying noise/smell that has been driving you crazy magically disappears just as you pull in for service….which is undeniably frustrating not only for you but for the mechanic as well. The certified Buick technicians at Everett Buick Repair listen (smell/look) not only to you but your car. If you have a specific concern regarding your Buick, the mechanics at Everett Buick Repair will not return your vehicle until the problem is located and repaired – even if that means driving your regular routes to replicate the noise or smell.

With such dedication to customer satisfaction, Everett Buick Repair boasts such loyalty that 2 (soon to be 3) generations of families that continue to come for Buick repairs and service time and again. Recently nominated as the Best Small Business in Everett by the Better Business Bureau, Everett Buick Repair hires only the best mechanics from the area.

Keeping up-to-date with certifications from Buick and using only genuine Buick parts (or Buick OEM parts) assures that any work done by Carson Cars is an affordable alternative to dealer services. Monthly On-Line Specials can save the customer even more money.

Everett Buick Repair offers loaner cars for any repair – FREE! All you need do is provide proof of current auto insurance and a valid driver’s license. Rest assured – that annoying click/rattle/shake will be fixed right the first time by Everett Buick Repair!