Everett Alternator Repair Service

If you are in need of alternator repair, then you should be prepared to remove the old alternator and replace it. There are two different types of alternators you can purchase. A brand new alternator, or you can purchase a rebuilt alternator which is probably going to be the most cost effective choice between your options. There are some cases where you may have to open the unit up and replace some of the internal components, such as the brushes, bearings, and commutator. You could also have a loose or corroded connection, bad battery, or other technical issues.

There are a few simple tests that need to be performed to determine what types of Everett alternator repair  are going to be required. If the alternator is acting up, the best thing to do is to test the battery first, by charging it completley and then testing it. The only way that you are going to get an accurate reading is by using the proper input voltage, otherwise the test is pointless. Alternators are going to need a constant supply of battery juice to keep them running. If you have a bad battery, you can eliminate the problem right here. On the other hand, if the battery appears to be in good working condition, there are several tests performed on the engine speed and load conditions.

 Once you test the alternator and find out that it is not putting out the required voltage, you will need to replace it with a new unit. You will need to remove the serpentine belt, any electrical connections, and the bolts and brackets connecting the unit to the engine.

Some of the older vehicles used voltage regulators inside of the alternator. If the voltage regulator fails, the alternator will no longer function properly. There are also voltage regulators outside of the alternator, which can be replaced in no time. In some circumstances, you may be able to replace the regulator without having to remove the unit.

Depending on the situation there may be times when the unit has to be removed from the vehicle. Once you get into the removal and opening the part up, you are better off replacing the unit. The most common alternator repairs are the ones that involve opening the unit and replacing the brushes, cleaning out the windings, and replacement of the rectifier diodes. If the bearing is making a lot of noise, they may also be pressed out.