Even Weekend Mechanics Trust Everett GMC Repair

How many times have you heard this story? The oh so talented weekend mechanic decides that “it won’t take but a couple hours” is now 3 weekends in on what was supposed to be a ‘simple’ repair. At this point, the car’s engine is scattered across the garage floor and the end is nowhere in sight. But, hey, you saved $100.00 on the work – right?


Let’s do a full calculation as to what that ‘savings’ really cost:

  • Car Rental @ $250.00/week = $750.00
  • Wife’s Spending Spree = $1,000.00
  • Therapy for 6 months@$75.00/week = $1,800.00

Let’s face it, your wife will deserve the spending spree and you will need to regain your self-worth in therapy. Failure is not an option- right? So, perhaps this is an extreme example, but it is so very easy to wind up in this exact situation. Why not save the aggravation and ‘savings’ by letting the professionals do their job?

Even the do-it-yourself auto mechanic occasionally comes up against a repair that requires a professional’s touch. When you have come up against a problem that needs a certified GMC technician, the folks at Everett GMC Repair will handle your vehicle as though it was their own. Using only GMC parts, you can rest assured that your car will be handled with the kid gloves to which it is accustomed.

While you feel certain that changing the oil, or brake pads is well within your comfort zone, for the more intricate tasks it might be best to trust the folks at Everett GMC Repair. With all the computer testing apparatus, we will save you the expense of repeated repairs by isolating the problem immediately.

Further savings are realized with Everett GMC Repair’s FREE loaner car! All you need do is show proof  current insurance and a valid driver’s license. So, bruised ego aside, Everett GMC Repair is the sure choice for even the weekend mechanic.