Ensure Smooth Vehicle Operation with Affordable Brake Service in Mill Creek

brake service in Mill Creek

Scheduling routine brake service in Mill Creek is important to ensure that all brake components are operating as they should. This is particularly true for your 30k, 60k and 90k mile service appointments but can be appropriate at any time you feel there may be an issue with performance. Noticing an unexpected smell when you are braking is one such occasion.

  • Brakes that are overheated often emit an unpleasant aroma that can be detected both inside and outside a car. Causes may include new front brakes. It could also mean that your front brake calipers are not working properly. Replacing the hardware involved usually resolves the problem.
  • Sometimes a brake smell indicates that the emergency brake has not been disengaged, leading to overheated rear brakes. Releasing the emergency brake should solve the issue. If the emergency brake has been engaged for extended miles, it is necessary to bring the vehicle to a mechanic to evaluate the brake system to ensure that no damage has occurred.
  • Brakes that are stuck or overly worn require service as soon as possible. Seek professional guidance to evaluate and initiate Toyota, Chrysler or Audi repair.
  • Expert brake service in Mill Creek can resolve problems with your car’s brake system. Stop in at Carson Auto Repair to make an appointment to evaluate your brakes before additional damage occurs and safety becomes compromised. Phone (425)905-2460 for reliable and affordable brake service. We will be happy to supply a complimentary loaner vehicle while your auto is being serviced and look forward to serving your vehicle needs.