Don’t Risk Your Safety! Get Your Brakes Checked in Lynnwood

Don't Risk Your Safety! Get Your Brakes Checked in Lynnwood

One of the most critical elements of your vehicle is your brake system. Your brakes keep you and others on the road safe. When you need to stop, you want the full confidence you can do it quickly and safely. To keep your vehicle in peak condition, you want to have regular maintenance done. If you haven’t had your brakes changed in a while or suspect you have a problem, Carson Auto Repair provides brake service in Lynnwood.

How Do I Know I Have a Problem with My Brakes?

You can look for certain things that indicate you have a problem with your car’s brake system. Shaking or vibrating when you use the brakes is one indication your brakes may need to be replaced. Another indication is applying the brakes and hearing strange noises such as screeching or whining sounds. These things can suggest you have warped rotors.

A Thorough Going Over

When you bring your vehicle in to have your brakes checked, there are several things the mechanic will do. This includes:

  • Inspecting the brake system
  • Clean all the parts
  • Check for, and remove rust
  • Test the rotors
  • Check the torque

If problems continue once all that is done, your brakes may need to be replaced. You could have a problem with your anti-lock brake system as well. We can check that too.

See Professional Mechanics That You Can Trust

At Carson Auto Repair, we can perform a brake check no matter what make or model you own. Our mechanics are experienced and know brakes. We can make sure your brakes are working correctly and perform a regular tune-up at the same time. Contact us at (425) 905-2460 to schedule brake service in Lynnwood and stay safe on the road.