Did You Fail the Washington State Emissions Testing Program: Snohomish County Emissions Repair

Has your vehicle recently failed the Washington State Emissions Test? The Snohomish Emission Repair specialists have the facilities to test your vehicle and repair any problems discovered. Incredibly frustrating as that may be, the proven results of the emissions program cannot be ignored.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Test

While you cannot fool the testing equipment, there are several steps to take prior to having your vehicle tested:

  1. Check oil level — adjust as necessary
  2. Check coolant level — adjust as necessary
  3. Warm engine — your vehicle will run its most efficient after at least 15 minutes of freeway driving
  4. Keep engine running — if you must wait in line, be sure to keep the engine running to keep it warm
  5. Radio & Air Conditioning — turn off before test
  6. Gas cap — be sure your gas cap is secure and seals properly

Why are Emission Tests Important?

According to Washington Vehicle Emissions Inspections website (https://www.emissionstestwa.com/faq.aspx):

Some areas have air quality problems due to motor vehicle emissions. Children, the elderly and people with breathing problems are most affected by air pollution; however, it does affect all of us.

By keeping your vehicle in peak condition with routine Snohomish Maintenance and Service, you can assure that your vehicle’s pollution is decreased. Additionally, by combining errands, you will further reduce your carbon footprint. When possible, carpooling and public transportation are excellent ways to reduce pollution.

If Your Vehicle Fails the Emissions Test

Should your vehicle not pass the emissions test, you will receive a printout from the Lane Operator, indicating why your vehicle failed. Take this document to Snohomish Emissions Repair to assist with diagnostics. Your technician will run detailed diagnostics on your vehicle to determine exactly what repairs are required. Once your vehicle is repaired, return to the test station. The first re-test is free. Any subsequent tests will be assessed the current rate for emissions testing ($15.00 in 2011).


Because some repairs may be very costly,  your vehicle could be eligible for a waiver from having to pass a retest. You MAY obtain a waiver if your vehicle fails a retest and you have spent at least $150 on appropriate diagnosis/repairs by an Authorized Emission Specialist (AEM).

As Snohomish County’s AEM, Carson Cars has full diagnostic equipment to insure that your car will either be repaired to pass the re-test or supply you with a waiver form.

Warranty Repairs

Some emissions repairs will be covered under warranty or extended service contract. Also, by maintaining your vehicle as recommended  in your Owner’s Manual, you will further insure that your car will operate in peak condition.

Pre-Test Inspection

It is strongly recommended that you have your vehicle tested and repaired as necessary prior to an official emissions test. Carson Cars have the expertise to diagnose any potential issues and make necessary repairs before an emissions test. Just a few reminders to prepare for your Emissions Test:

  • Check exhaust system for leaks — repair as necessary
  • Check for gas, coolant and oil leaks — repair as necessary
  • Check that your vehicle’s gas cap is present — replace as necessary
  • If the battery has been disconnected/replaced — be sure to drive the vehicle at least 1 week to reset the OnBoard Diagnostics.
  • Leave pets and passengers at home — go alone to Testing Center
  • Detach trailer if applicable