Determining the Best Oil for Your Everett Oil Change

Choosing the best oil for your car’s engine may seem a bit confusing, but the certified technicians at Everett Oil Change can help you decide which oil is the best for your car. Remember waaaay back when, you had to ‘winterize’ your car by changing to a lighter weight oil? Not the case anymore, with multi-season oils!

What is Oil Viscosity?

Multi-weight oils are rated according to 2-viscosity levels. The first number in the oil’s weight is the viscosity of the oil when it is cold; as indicated by Winter. The second number is the viscosity of the oil while the engine is in operation.

 For example: 5W30 

5 = oil’s viscosity when cold, which is indicated with W(inter)

 30 = oil’s viscosity at operational temperature

What are Viscosity Modifiers?

According to Nordic Group (https://www.nordicgroup.us/oil.htm#How%20Sludge%20is%20Prevented):

In order to protect an engine at start time, the oil needs to be thinner when cold so it flows freely. Viscosity modifiers are added to the base stock to make the oil flow better when cold, without making the oil too thin when hot.

Does Climate Matter When Choosing Oil Viscosity?

If you live in a warm climate, 10W30 is generally the grade viscosity that would be used in your vehicle’s engine, if the manufacturer recommendation allows this weight. For  colder climates, 5W30 if preferable weight because the winter weight of 5 will flow much more freely in cold weather. For every vehicle, you must check your Owner’s Manual for permissible oil to use.

What is Detergent Oil?

Almost every modern multi-weight oil has detergent additives. The additives remove soot from the internals of the car’s engine, suspending the particles in the oil. As the soot particulate is too fine to be trapped by the oil filter, it will remain in the oil until it is changed, causing a darkening of the oil. Over extended periods of time without scheduled oil changes, the oil will actually become saturated with soot; eventually the oil will not be able to hold any more soot. When this happens, the soot remains on the internal engine parts.By having an Everett Oil Change per manufacturer’s recommendations, the oil will not become over saturated with soot.