Come To Carson Cars For All Of Your Exhaust Needs

So, you have a nice car that is pretty plain and could use some improved power and a growl from the tailpipe. Maybe, your nice car just is not giving you the MPG you had hoped for. Or, perhaps you would just like your car to run smoother and idle more peacefully.

Whichever your need Carson’s Auto Repair, in Lynnwood, Washington can meet your needs.

Our expert Lynnwood Exhaust System technicians are ASE certified. Daily they work on single and dual exhaust systems to make sure that they operate the way the owner wants. The exhaust system of a car is often forgotten as a source for improving power or improving fuel efficiency.

If you feel your car is underpowered, try a new exhaust system before you begin a costly project of increasing bore or other engine modifications. Carson’s Auto Repair and Muffler can easily design and install a custom exhaust system that will boost your power and give your exhaust system an awesome note.

However, if efficiency is what you are looking for, Carson’s team of exhaust and muffler specialists can help you select a muffler system that is more efficient and will improve you mileage. With gas prices rising almost daily, improved efficiency by working on your exhaust system makes sense. Not only are Carson’s exhaust technician in performance exhaust systems, they also have the know-how to increase your mileage with adjustments to your exhaust system.

At Carson’s Cars Auto Repair and Muffler we use only the highest quality parts. The parts are always installed by or under the supervision of an ASE certified technician. And of course, Carson’s Cars always guarantees the work it does on your cars exhaust..

Family owned and operated for over 35 years in the Lynnwood environs, Carson’s Cars enjoys a reputation as the most reliable shop in the area. Additionally, because we inspect and do all warranty work on the cars sold by our sister company, Carson’s Used Cars, we have first hand knowledge and experience on almost any car brand on America’s roads.

Call now to find out more information about exhaust system repairs and replacements. When you speak with us or bring your car in, ask about our special VIP service promotion that will significantly lower the cost or routine maintenance and discounts on major repairs. The plan is valued at $700 but sells for only $99.

Carson’s Cars Auto Repair lives by it reputation. We are in our third generation of service to the community and our heartened that so many of our customers are also third-generation clients. Contact when your ready for some of the best Lynnwood’s Exhaust Stystem technicians to help you,  by clicking here.