Colored Smoke Indicates the Need for Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

Colored Smoke Indicates the Need for Exhaust Repair in Lynnwood

We have all seen it. A vehicle driving down the highway passes you and smoke is pouring from the exhaust. This is never a good sign. Colored smoke indicates that there is a problem with the car. It signals the need for exhaust repair in Lynnwood or an issue with some other component under the hood.

If you see:

Blue or gray smoke – there is burning oil in the combustion chamber. This may be due to leaking valve seals, loose connections in the valve stem and valve guide, damaged piston rings, a PCV valve that is jammed in the closed position or weak cylinder walls.

Black smoke – the fuel is too rich. This is caused by fuel injectors that leak or drip, a fuel pressure regulator that is stuck closed or a fuel return line that is blocked.

Gray or white smoke – the combustion chamber is burning coolant. Likely causes include a cracked cylinder head or engine block or blown head gasket.

It is never good to see (or smell) exhaust coming from your car. No matter what make and model your vehicle, Ford, Toyota Hyundai or Chrysler repair is warranted to determine the source of the problem and remedy it before a small issue becomes a major expense.

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