Chevrolet Service & Repair in Everett Washington

Chevrolet vehicles are built to last, and they can definitely take a beating when needed.  And in order to get the most out of your Chevy, it’s important to keep up on the routine maintenance and service that is required.

Whether you are a new Chevrolet owner or a current Chevy lover and have just moved to the Everett area, it is crucial that you find reputable Chevrolet Service. The Everett area is home to Carson Cars, who offers certified Chevy Service. Everett based Carson Cars offers its customers an affordable alternative to Chevrolet dealer services.

As the Everett Chevrolet Service center, Carson Cars offers:

  • Chevrolet Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chevrolet Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Oil Changes, Engine Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Electrical
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Cooling System
  • Transmission
  • Fuel System
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Alignment
  • Steering
  • SRS (safety restraint system)
  • Exhaust System Repair

By choosing Carson Cars, you will be receiving highly skilled technicians certified for Chevrolet Service. Everett Chevrolet Service technicians at Carson Cars offer:

  • Elite technicians are Certified
  • Technicians receive continuous Chevrolet Repair and Service training
  • Only the latest technology and computer diagnostic equipment is used
  • Full maintenance Chevrolet service, tune-ups and auto repair
  • ABS, SRS and ASR computer diagnostic equipment
  • Electrical troubleshooting using full scale database
  • Air Conditioning and Cooling System repair and replacement
  • Radiators and water pumps
  • Chevrolet Engine Repair, Engine Overhauls and Replacements
  • Chevrolet Transmission Service & Repair
  • Chevrolet Pre-Purchase Evaluations

Carson Cars uses only the best Chevrolet parts! They also offer FREE loaner vehicle for Everett Chevrolet Service; with proof of your valid driver’s license and full automobile insurance. Contact Carson Cars for full range of  Chevy Service. Everett has been served by Carson for over 35 years!

Save money by using Carson Cars for your Chevrolet Service Everett needs and you can count on Carson Cars to stretch their repair dollar. Use the money you’ve saved at this local Everett Chevrolet Repair provider on a special dinner with your significant other(s)!