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Pepper J. King, WA -2/18/2011



I went to Carson Cars because of an ad I saw in craigslist.  I had never been to them before this. I’ve never had such a good experience with a car dealer. I was in on a Sunday at about 11am and was on the freeway driving home in my new car at 1pm. So looking around the lot, test driving, getting financing, etc took a total of 2 hours.

My salesman was Tory and he was very nice and professional and made sure we took the car out for a long test drive that included freeway, hills, a bumping road with dips, etc (all at his request!). When I looked under the car after the test drive to look for leaks, damage, etc, he got down on his knees as well and pointed out things he saw. More than willing to point out the good and the bad.

I was waiting for my tax return which was going to be enough to buy the car outright, but didn’t want to wait due to my old car not being very comfortable in my 80 mile a day commute. So I asked about financing (I have bad credit right now) and it took almost no time and Tory came back with two options and one of them was for NO INTEREST! WOW. I had just bought a car for my wife about a month earlier from another dealer (didn’t even know about Carson’s at the time) and took 2 days to get financed and I had to provide a copy of the deed of my house, get interviewed by the finance company, etc. None of that here. On top of that, they provided a computer so I could login to get bank report, phone bill, proof of insurance, etc.

Once everything was final, Tory took a picture of my daughter and I next to the car and sent me a calendar that was made with the photo, as well as some free gifts like oil changes, etc.

Lastly, while test driving, a “check air suspension” light came on. But when we got back, we tried a couple more times and it didn’t come back on. We thought it was just a glitch and I bought the car. Tory had told me while I was there that if I ever needed any parts for the car, email him and he’ll check to see if he can get parts cheaper through their auto shop (Carson Cars has a full auto shop a couple blocks away). Anyways, I got home and the next day the light came on permanently. Ends up the air suspension had a problem. I researched online and its common and a common fix was to replace the air suspension with a normal spring suspension. So I found the best price on a conversion kit online and emailed Tory to ask if he could find them cheaper. He replied saying no, but he talked to his manager and was approved to write me a check for the cost of the conversion kit!!! I didn’t even ask them to pay for it! Now that is service. I’m a customer for life.

Oh, and the car I bought? A 1996 $3000 car. I’m surprised big time by the level of service for even an older low cost car (this price is about what private parties are selling this car for on craigslist). Other than the springs, the car has been perfect so far!

Kimberly S. – 02/08/2011

Very friendly staff. Honest and low pressure. Professional but with a great personality. Hard workers and very dedicated.

Tara S. Seattle, WA – 12/1/2010

I called this office about a car I saw listed on Craigslist, and the salesperson I spoke with was extremely honest and told me he would not sell me that car because the engine required too much work. He was honest, candid, and very nice… I really wish he had a wagon in my price range because I’d love to buy a car from someone this honest.

Mullins – 10/15/2010

To Mike Carson, Alberto, Barry, Tim and the entire Carson Cars crew, I wanted to take the time to personally thank each one of you for all that you have done during the purchase and the after sale repair of my Mustang. You all have gone beyond expectations and made this purchase so worth it for me. Customer service is a huge thing with me because I have been in the sales and management field for many years and I always tried to treat my customers the way I want to be treated and I can say you all have exceeded mine and a few others standards. I want you to know that anyone we hear of looking for a car we will send your way. We come into contact with a lot of people and you did us good and I know you will them as well. Mike, thank you. I can see as a business man and as a all around person you are a great guy and your employees should be thankful to have such a boss as you. To everyone else, you all are stand up people in our book and we thank you for your patience and assistance during the entire process.

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Great people with affordable pricing

Fantastic shop, very quick service!

Incredible client service & extremely detailed knowledge/service with very reasonable prices.

Good people

Good people

Great Shop! I needed a last minute inspection for a car I was buying and the guys helped me and were very insightful. I would recommend using them for any per-inspection service for sure in the future. Ask for Mario He's very helpful.

Great Shop! I needed a last minute inspection for a car I was buying and the guys helped me and were very insightful. I would recommend using them for any per-inspection service for sure in the future. Ask for Mario He's very helpful.

I loved this place. They worked quickly, were professional, offered a lot of knowledge, and were reasonably priced.