carson auto repair Offers Affordable Radiator Services

Lynnwood-Radiator-RepairAt carson auto repair we’re proud to provide you with the best Lynnwood Radiator Repair service in the area. We understand the need to keep your radiator well maintained particularly during the warm summer months. Whether you are in need of a maintenance appointment or your radiator requires repair work, come in and see us today and we’ll get you serviced in no time.

As your engine works to get your vehicle from point A to point B there’s a great deal of friction heat that is created. While most of the generated heat is reduced through lubricants, there is still excess heat that is cooled down through your radiator. Your radiator pumps a combination of antifreeze and water through your engine to cool down the excess heat. Once the parts are cooled the liquid is returned to the radiator where the process starts all over.

A radiator that is not operating at optimal levels can lead to improper flow of the cooling fluids. This problem can lead to your system overheating and eventual breakdown of your engine. An engine repair is no small job and can be quite costly. Be sure to maintain a full coolant reservoir especially in the summer. If the levels of your coolant are quickly becoming low, you may have a problem. Coolant can easily be lost through leaks in the line. Call us for an appointment and we’ll schedule you in as quickly as possible. Or better yet, come in and see us and we’ll inspect the problem right away. Your safety is our number one concern.

When we inspect your radiator we’ll check the pressure cap, the thermostat, the engine fan, the hoses and the belts. We’ll run a leak test to be sure your radiator is operating properly, we’ll flush the system and ensure that the coolant levels are where they should be.

Your best bet for Lynnwood Radiator Repair service is carson auto repair. Contact us at 425-905-2460 or online by clicking here.