Cars Serviced at Carson Car Auto Repair Get Better Gas Mileage

Most people enjoy driving in the state of Washington, but rugged terrain can play havoc with gas mileage, especially if you are towing a camper or boat trailer. That is why car owners around Everett Washington rely on carson auto repair to make sure sure their fuel injectors and fuel system are in tip-top condition.Fuel System Repair

carson auto repair employs certified automotive technicians to provide the best service in all of Everett. These experts strongly recommend that fuel injectors be serviced at intervals suggested by the manufacturer and more frequently if your car is one that undergoes “hard use.” Hard use means that you often operate in hot environments or towing a load. Proper care of your fuel injectors cleans carbon and other contaminants out of the fuel injection system. This allows your fuel injection system to operate more efficiently. A more efficient fuel injection system means better mileage as more gas is converted to energy. Servicing your fuel injectors is good for your car, good for your wallet by avoiding costly repairs and good for the environment as your gas burns more efficiently.

If you are getting poor fuel mileage, smell gas, have difficulty starting your car or the check engine light is always on, there may be a problem with your fuel system. Driving with a damaged fuel system may be dangerous. Call carson auto repair in Everett, Washington at 425-955-2460 to make an appointment to have your fuel system diagnosed and repaired by Carson Cars expert service technicians.

If you like, we can pick your car up and deliver it when finished at no charge. We can also arrange a free loaner car for you while your car is being repaired – all we need is your valid license and insurance.

With the best certified technician staff in the area and the most modern diagnostic and repair equipment your car will be correctly repaired on the first try – Carson Cars guarantees it. Call today and start getting the gas mileage you should be getting, our number is 425-955-2460