Car Running Funny in Low Speeds? It May Be the O2 Sensor

car service in MarysvilleWhen your car starts to run funny and is chugging erratically, it is easy to automatically assume that something is wrong with the engine. In reality, the problem could very well be a bad oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) instead, and you should seek a professional car service in Marysville shop to replace it immediately.

When an O2 sensor fails, the engine receives data to adjust, but as the signal is false, engine components start to run poorly immediately. The problem can be easily rectified with a new O2 sensor replacement, which can be done by a qualified mechanic in about an hour or less.

When your car is starting run odd, stalling or chugging when in low speed or idle, it’s very likely that the air-fuel mixture is off. A bad O2 sensor can definitely be the culprit and not some issue in the engine block or ignition.

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