Car Backfiring May Require Exhaust Repair in Lake Stevens

Car Backfiring May Require Exhaust Repair in Lake StevensWe have all been startled by hearing the shotgun blast sound of a car backfiring. You may have experienced the problem with your own vehicle. A backfire can result from several different causes but having a mechanic diagnose the issue is your best bet. It is possible that you may need exhaust repair in Lake Stevens.

A backfiring vehicle develops from one or more spark plugs that ignite the fuel in their cylinders out of turn when the exhaust valve on those cylinders is open. It may be that:

  • Your engine is supplying too much fuel to burn at its most efficient level. This is also known as a “rich fuel to air” ratio. The excess fuel burns more slowly and has not been completed prior to entering the exhaust, which pops and explosively burns the fuel in a backfire.
  • A backfire is caused by delayed or retarded timing. The cylinder head is out of time or sync with the cylinder block. Ignition is delayed and fuel is ignited when the exhaust valve opens.
  • A vehicle without ignition coils on the spark plugs utilizes a distributer cap and wire set. A cracked distributor cap lets in moisture which causes the spark to go to the wrong cylinder and results in a backfire.
  • An incorrect carbon track can form between spark plugs due to environmental issues. The misfire causes a backfire.

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