Brake Service in Marysville

indexRegularly scheduled maintenance and brake service in Marysville ensures that this important component of your vehicle operates smoothly and safely to take you where you need to go and to stop effectively when it is critical to do so.

Not only can poor brake performance, unsettling noises and annoying vibrations affect your driving, they can be dangerous to you, your passengers and others in your path.

It is critical to make certain that your brake system is at peak efficiency at all times.

There are two primary types of brakes that are common in most vehicles today. Ceramic brakes are quite popular as they are very stable under all temperature conditions, minimize vibration and are less abrasive. They are made with steel, ceramic and copper fibers to effectually manage heat distribution. The other type of brakes is known as NAO or non-asbestos organic.

They are crafted from fiber, glass, rubber and Kevlar and are softer and make little noise. However, these brakes typically wear faster than their ceramic counterparts.

As part of your Chevrolet service or other vehicle service plan, brakes are included in the inspection and repair, if required. carson auto repair takes pride in our comprehensive brake service plan to ensure even operation not only of your brakes but all systems.

Contact carson auto repair to make an appointment for your brake service in Marysville at (425) 905-2460 before it is too late. We look forward to working with you to provide a safe and comfortable ride this winter.