Brake Repair & Service

My brake pedal feels funny, I hear noise when I apply the brakes or my car doesn’t stop right. What’s wrong with it?, how much will it cost to fix?, will they fix it correctly? This is the conversation most drivers have when faced with potential problems. When you take your vehicle in to get Everett Brake Repair they will check the following:

The Brake System

Normally, brake systems have the following components:

  • Shoes
  • Pads
  • Calipers
  • Rotors or discs
  • Drums
  • Lines
  • Combination valve
  • Hoses
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Master cylinder
  • Attaching hardware
  • Brake Booster

Additionally, anti-lock brake systems have:

  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Hydraulic Activator
  • Wheel speed sensors

Normal Maintenance

The modern automotive braking system does not require much maintenance. On a regular basis the master cylinder should be inspected by a Everett Brake Repair Specialist to make certain that there is the right amount of brake fluid in it. If the fluid level is low, add the correct fluid for your car’s braking system. Do not add steering fluid or transmission fluid to your car’s braking system. The results will be poor performance and expensive repairs as these fluids will badly damage rubber parts and the brakes will fail.

When the driver presses down on the brake pedal, brake shoes and brake pads are forced against the brake drums and rotors. Rotors are also known as discs. This action creates friction which stops the car. However, the friction causes brake shoes and brake pads to begin to wear. Once the wear has become severe the shoes or pads need to be replaced. Sometimes, if the shoes or pads are extremely worn you will have to have the drums refinished to insure a fresh and smooth braking surface. Occasionally, a drum can be so badly worn it has to be replaced.

Calipers and wheel cylinders are only replaced when they are not correctly working or they are leaking brake fluid.. If a cylinder or caliper needs to be changed out, it is fine to just replace the parts on a single wheel. There is no need to replace wheel cylinders or calipers in pairs.

But, just because it is not necessary, replacement in pairs may be a good idea. To do the wheel on the other side of the axle makes sense, especially if the replacement is needed due to failure, as the other wheel has the same parts for the same length of time and it too may be at the end of its useful service life. Your Carson Cars  brake repair specialist can tell you more.

Often brake service shops suggest installing new hardware such as pins, clips, and springs that are used to attach brake shoes and pads when they are replaced.. They also may suggest flushing the old brake fluid out and replacing it with fresh fluid. As most manufacturers have been silent on this issue ask the service center do put in writing how much additional it will cost and why these services are necessary.


Even though many cars have brake wear indicators that squeegee when brake pads should be replaced, they may not be working. Therefore it is a good idea to have your brakes inspected periodically anyway. The piece of mind is worth the minor expense.

If Your Brakes Need Repair

Always get a written estimate. This will allow you to comparison shop. But, brake service shops are not all the same. Always use a shop with certified technicians. Don’t just compare prices either, compare guarantees. Ask friends or relatives for recommendation as well. In most states repair shops are required to give you a written estimate and in many states if you ask for the old parts they will give them to you. This helps you be certain that the work you paid for was performed.

Most brake repair shops want to provide you with excellent service and are concerned that your car brakes are safe. If you understand how brakes work, what parts normally wear out and what parts can fail than you are an educated consumer and will easily find a brake shop to help you.

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Great Shop! I needed a last minute inspection for a car I was buying and the guys helped me and were very insightful. I would recommend using them for any per-inspection service for sure in the future. Ask for Mario He's very helpful.

Great Shop! I needed a last minute inspection for a car I was buying and the guys helped me and were very insightful. I would recommend using them for any per-inspection service for sure in the future. Ask for Mario He's very helpful.

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