Aside from a 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood, How Often Should You Take Your Car to Carson Auto Repair?

Aside from a 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood, How Often Should You Take Your Car to Carson Auto Repair?Most people don’t realize the amount of care and upkeep their car requires until they schedule their automobile for a checkup. In the mechanical world, it’s called a tune-up, and it’s most recommended every 30,000 miles. However, aside from a 30k mile service in Lynnwood, you should schedule an appointment with Carson Auto Repair every 6,000 miles or six months to get your fluids and filters checked and changed – sooner if you drive frequently.

The care you put into your car will come back to you in the form of your automobile’s reliability and longevity. The average vehicle has a lifespan of eight years or 200,000 miles, but regular care and upkeep can ensure you get the most out of your car. It’s as durable, versatile, reliable, and dynamic as you make it, so treat it right!

Do Older Cars or Work Cars Need More Service?

In a way, yes. As cars age, they show signs of wear and tear in much the same ways that people would show signs of age as they get older. Instead of wrinkles and aching joints, your car might develop creaks, loose bolts, and leaks. It happens. However, regularly scheduled services can help you keep on top of any issues your car may experience with age.

Work cars, such as the aforementioned mail carrier automobile, or even an everyday commuter car, might need more service because they are driven more. The average car spends 12,000 miles per year on the roads, but work cars could spend upwards of 12,000 miles every three to six months. That’s quicker wear and tear, which requires more upkeep.

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