Are You an Everett Buick Service VIP?

In today’s economy, every penny saved is cause for celebration. To save even more money on service costs for your Buick, check (hehe) out the V.I.P. Preferred Automotive Repair Plan available at Everett Buick Service! Carson Cars is already the choice for an economical trustworthy alternative to Buick dealer services – employing only the most highly skilled certified technicians and using only Buick certified parts for every service on your Buick.  With an introductory price of just $99.00 – the Everett Buick Service VIP package can save you nearly $600.00 on regular maintenance of your vehicle.

The VIP Package includes:

  • 4-lube, oil, filter changes
  • Unlimited engine code scans
  • $20.00 – $40.00 off many regular maintenance items
  • Savings on detailing of your Buick
  • Discounts on any major mechanical work

For a full list of savings and benefits, visit the Everett Buick Service website.

Just in time for your summer preparations! Now is the time to sign up for the Carson Cars V.I.P. Preferred Automotive Care Plan, to be certain that your Buick is ready for summer travel.

V.I.P. Customers reap further benefits, including:

  • Credit of $300.00 toward your next Carson Cars vehicle purchase
  • Service credit of $200.00 for referred customers’ purchase

With all the money you will save with the Everett Buick Service V.I.P. Plan in addition to the standard savings over dealer services, the sting at the fuel pump is so much less severe! Enjoy your summer travels more with the peace of mind that your family Buick is safe for traveling after having a full summer maintenance performed at Everett Buick Service.