ABS Brake Service in Snohomish

Utilize Car Service in Lynnwood for Ease of RepairThe ABS or anti-lock brake system on a vehicle is actually a simple mechanism. When your car begins a skid, for whatever reason, the ABS takes over and helps you control the vehicle. If your vehicle has ABS or an anti-lock brake system it is important to realize that you should never pump the brake pedal. By pressing the pedal steadily, you allow the ABS to do the job it was meant to complete. Malfunctions in the ABS system are displayed by a warning light on the dashboard. When this warning light comes on it signals that you should bring in your car for brake service in Snohomish.

Your auto may have one of three ABS systems: 1-channel/1-sensor, 3-channel/3-sensor or 4-channel/4-sensor. The 4-channel system is typically the best option since it utilizes the ABS only on the wheel or wheels affected by a skid.
There are two primary areas that may cause the ABS warning light to flash, warranting Ford or Chrysler repair or that of another make vehicle:

• The wiring leading to the sensors is damaged in some way or has worked loose from the fittings leading to an incomplete connection.
• One or more of the sensors themselves have become contaminated with metal shavings or other dirt and debris.

A certified mechanic is well-equipped to locate the source of your ABS problem and remedy it quickly. Call the pros at Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460 to schedule your premium brake service in Snohomish. We take pride in our honest, cost-effective and reliable vehicle service.