A Faulty Fuel Pump Requires Fuel System Service in Lynnwood

A Faulty Fuel Pump Requires Fuel System Service in LynnwoodThe fuel pump is an important component of the fuel system in your vehicle, as it delivers fuel from the gas tank to the engine at a specific pressure to meet the demands of performance. When the key turns on the auto, the fuel pump is triggered and pressurized. When you have problems with the fuel pump, your vehicle will experience some severe performance issues and may not even run at all. To know what to look for before you spring for fuel system service in Lynnwood, take note of the following symptoms of fuel pump failure:

  • A whining or howling noise coming from the direction of the fuel tank when the vehicle is running.
  • A vehicle that is hard to start may signal a fuel pump problem. A fuel pump that is weakened will still pump fuel but with difficulty, causing more cranks than normal.
  • Engine performance issues may signal a problem. Misfires, lower fuel efficiency, vehicle stalling and a decrease in acceleration power may be evident.
  • An engine that will not start can possibly be a failed fuel pump, due to a lack of fuel.

A certified mechanic can provide efficient diagnosis and repair during a Chrysler service appointment or for any other make vehicle.

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