A 30k Mile Service in Lynnwood Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

30k Mile Service in Lynnwood

While many people trade in a vehicle after it reaches a certain number of miles, there are even more who drive their autos until they simply won’t drive anymore. The record for highest mileage is held by Irv Gordon. His 1966 Volvo had almost 3 million miles on the odometer. While this is not a goal that everyone wants or needs to achieve, it makes good sense to take care of the vehicle you have and have routine maintenance completed on schedule. This includes your car’s 30k mile service in Lynnwood.

  • Adhering to the recommendations from the manufacturer, service should be performed every 30k, 60k and 90k miles, as this will ensure increased longevity for your vehicle. These regular maintenance examinations are important for servicing vehicle components and locating possible problems before they become major ones. Buick service and that of other makes and models keeps operations running smoothly.
  • Your tire pressure and fluid levels should be inspected 2-3 times monthly.
  • By starting your car “gently,” the engine is lubricated sufficiently to prevent damage.
  • Unusual noises that come from the vehicle are not a good sign. A mechanic should address sounds such as squeals, whines, pings and clicks.
  • By treating your vehicle calmly, its life can be extended.

Although we know that our cars will not last forever and sometimes parts do break or require repair, you can ensure a longer life for your investment by handling it with care. Exceeding 100k miles is a reality for much of the population. Carson Auto Repair can help you achieve this goal. Call us today at (425)905-2460 to schedule your 30k mile service in Lynnwood.