90K Mile Service in Marysville

90K Mile Service in MarysvilleWith manufacturing standards higher than ever before, it is quite common to have a car with 100K miles or more on the odometer. To ensure that your vehicle will last this long and longer, it is important to keep to the maintenance recommendations by the particular car manufacturer. This includes the 30K, 60K and 90K mile service in Marysville.

Keeping your car maintained ensures its safety and you can feel comfortable driving anywhere with anyone as a passenger. Routine service checks can spot potential problems before they become major expenses. As a car ages, parts such as tires and belts wear out just as our own knees and ears do. Scheduling periodic maintenance service or as part of your Chevrolet repair is an important part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

During your 90K mile service, a mechanic will perform a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of all areas under the hood, under the vehicle itself and the tires. This includes the belts, heating and cooling system, exhaust, radiator, transmission, spark plugs, tire rotation, etc., and a general safety check of all components. Completing preventative maintenance will save you money over the life of the car and allow it to perform to its full potential. Addressing issues before they become serious is smart for any vehicle owner.

To schedule your 30K, 60K or 90K mile service in Marysville, call Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460. We have thousands of satisfied customers who rely on our services time and again. Let us assist you in keeping your vehicle operating efficiently.