5 Tips from Carson Cars to Avoid Costly Repairs this Winter

Winterizing your vehicle by preparing your car for winter can avoid costly breakdowns that are exacerbated by the frigid winter temperatures. Carson Cars‘ technicians offer preventive maintenance tips to help minimize the frustrations and safety concerns associated with a winter breakdown.

1.  Tires

Winter road conditions require that you inspect your tires prior to cold weather. Check your Owner’s Manual to determine the recommended inflation pressure for cold weather driving. Carson Cars Tire Specialists can inspect your tires for tread wear. If the tread is worn too badly, it is advised that you replace the tires and make certain that the car is properly aligned. Problems with your tires can lead to dangerous driving conditions in inclement weather. Be certain to have your spare tire inspected as well, to assure that should you need to change a tire, there is one to use. In addition to assuring proper grip in snowy conditions, properly inflated tires will allow your car’s engine to operate at optimum conditions and the brake system to operate properly.

2. Battery

Cold temperatures are difficult on your car’s battery. Before winter hits, have the Lake Stevens Batery Experts at Carson Cars fully inspect your battery to determine its condition. Should your battery die in winter weather, it is not only inconvenient, but can pose great risk to your safety as well. In extreme circumstances, you may find that your car must be towed for battery replacement. By having the battery inspected and changed as indicated, you can save yourself the expense of emergency towing and the inconvenience of the repair.

3. Fuel

Carson Cars’ technicians recommend that you never allow your gas tank to fall below half full. It is strongly advised that you keep the tank full to avoid moisture formation. Excessive moisture can lead to mechanical problems that can be quite costly. Adding fuel de-icer to your fuel tank once a month during winter helps keep moisture from freezing in the fuel lines.

4. Clean

Keeping your car’s interior and exterior clean will avoid the problems encountered from:

  • snow
  • slush
  • ice
  • mud
  • road salt

Damage to the paint and interior surfaces can be abated by eliminating the problems as soon as possible. By maintaining the surfaces of your vehicle, the value will remain higher.

5. Miscellaneous

Be certain to replace your windshield wiper blades before winter strikes. Carson Cars specialists also recommend that you inspect the wiper blades on a regular basis for excessive wear and tear from cold weather and corrosive road maintenance materials. The heating system must be inspected before winter by a certified Carson Cars mechanic to be certain that you have effective defrost capabilities. Make certain that all lighting systems work correctly as well. Finally, the cooling system must be inspected and determined that the anti-freeze is properly diluted to about 50/50 to insure the fluid does not freeze in sub-zero weather.

Proper maintenance is necessary year-round to assure your vehicle operates efficiently, but the winter maintenance is necessary for you safety as well. Be sure to put your winter emergency kit together as well!  Contact carson auto repair for your Car Winterization today.