4 Times You Need Car Repair in Lake Stevens

car repair in Lake Stevens

Most vehicle owners know their cars well, so intuition kicks in when something is not quite right. Trust that feeling and bring your auto in for car repair in Lake Stevens as soon as you can before a small issue becomes a large and expensive problem.

There are 4 common indicators of a mechanical issue with your car:

  • A vehicle operating normally usually hums. Other noises signal that there may be a malfunction somewhere. Squeaks, creaks, grinding noises, squeals and thumps are not SOP. Schedule your Ford, Toyota or Cadillac repair quickly.
  • Unusual odors like mildew, mold, burning or maple syrup all indicate a problem in one or more vehicle components.
  • Some clear drips under the vehicle from the air conditioner after it has been running for a while are normal. Visible fluid of other colors indicates a need for a mechanic. These are signs of a possible issue with the brakes, oil or power steering.
  • When the “check engine” light flashes on, this is a sign that something is out of order. It could be the need for a new battery, catalytic converter or the gas cap is not on tightly. A mechanic is the best judge.

Call the team at Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460 to make an appointment for car repair in Lake Stevens before a major complication arises. Our certified mechanics have the necessary experience and expertise to tackle any situation that causes your vehicle to operate improperly or unsafely. Join our ranks of satisfied customers.