3 Common Engine Problems that Carson Cars Can Fix for You

The Engine Repair Specialists at Carson Cars realize that no matter the make, model or age of your vehicle, breakdowns do occur. Proper maintenance can minimize the severity of engine problems, but as your vehicle ages, it will be more likely to break down. There are a few common engine problems that may well require minor fixes or adjustments. The Engine Repair Experts at Carson Cars discusses the top 3 Engine Problems they face.

Car Won’t Start

One of the most common engine problems, regardless of your vehicle’s age, is the engine not turning over. If you hear a clicking noise when attempting to start your car, chances are you are experiencing battery drain problems. On the other hand, should your car’s engine crank, but not start, this could indicate a fuel or ignition problem.

Potential reasons a car’s engine won’t start:

  • Discharged or Decreased Charge on the Battery
  • Battery Cables loose or severely corroded
  • Failure with the starter motor relay
  • Failure of the ignition switch
  • Defective fuel pump
  • Fuel Filter clogged
While some of the listed causes are easily remedied or even prevented (clogged fuel filter), the Engine Experts at Carson Cars indicate that with any engine problem, it is advisable to perform a thorough inspection of the fuel system to eliminate more serious problems. For example, if you experience battery drain repeatedly, there is a component within your car that is causing the drain. To maintain your vehicle in peak operating condition, regular maintenance is strongly advised.

Service Engine Light Illuminates

The ‘Service Engine’ light illuminates when a problem is detected in the emissions, power train or engine sensors. Serving as an alert to potentially catastrophic failure, the “Service Engine’ light should never be ignored. Carson Car’s Certified Engine Technicians can retrieve the engine codes from your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) computer. Should you be experiencing blue exhaust smoke at the same time, chances are your vehicle has developed an oil leak. In any case, the Engine Repair Experts at Carson Cars recommend that you bring your vehicle in for a full OBD and vehicle inspection.

Common causes of Service Engine light illumination:

  • Gas cap loose or missing
  • Wires to spark plugs missing/worn/corroded
  • Failure of Electronic Control Module (ECM)
  • Distributor or coil packs defective
  • Sensor fault in emissions control system
  • Sub standard fuel

Engine Overheat

Generally, the most common cause for overheated engines is insufficient coolant. A visual inspection of your coolant reservoir will indicate if your vehicle is leaking coolant. If left unresolved, continual overheating can cause serious engine damage. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system will avoid expensive damage to the engine. Should your vehicle be spewing white smoke, this could be an indication of a blown head gasket. Excessive coolant loss is definitely a symptom of a more serious problem and the Engine Repair Experts at Carson Cars recommend a thorough inspection of your car to resolve potential problems.

Possible causes for your car’s engine to overheat:

  • Thermostat is faulty
  • Coolant is dirty or level is low
  • Cooling fan not functioning properly (or at all)
  • Radiator hose broken or kinked
  • Coolant leak
  • Radiator cap defective
  • Air filter dirty

The Engine Specialists at Carson Cars point out the importance of following the manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle. Such things as regular oil and filter changes, and tune-ups can help prevent catastrophic damage and expensive repairs.